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2009-07-19 14:49:01 by 66se7en

Stoked is a series made by the creators of the huge successful Total Drama series and the less successful 6teen that is a rare example of a well animated look but a very unoriginal idea that instantly looks like a clone of Rocket Power turned bad.

But lets look at the good redeeming factor first before this thread turns into a flame war such as being graphicily superior to it's TDI and 6teen counterparts. I would even go to lengths to calling it the best animation I have ever seen in Flash BUT that is were the ball starts to drop because despite the major improvement in animation compared to the other two it is also equally inferrior in originality and uses the same fucking voice actors from the other two series again.

Speaking of voice actors, this actually may have more in common with its TDI counterpart since both series have at least one chararater that likes to surf such as Geoff from TDI and the six other fucking surfers in Stoked which is where they might have got the idea of a retarded clone of Rocket Power except that the kids only SURF of the majority of the series and are now the same retarded teen stereotypes you see in any recent TV Series.


Total Drama Island/TDA was good.

6teen was a cartoon gone wrong.

Stoked is a fucking disaster and a failing attempt to rip-off Nick's Rocket Power series


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2009-07-19 14:53:25

Your 100% right! i kinda miss rocket power, and all of the good old shows that their replacing with crap. :P


2009-07-19 17:41:50



2009-07-20 12:25:43

You're a dumbass.